Code Exception
1 Method not found
2 User not found
10 Required argument missing
20 Invalid file extension
21 Invalid URL
30 General error. Please try again later
40 Invalid image Mime-Type
99 Account deleted
101 Invalid arguments
110 Invalid API key
111 Invalid signature
151 Upload file error
200 Invalid consumer key or consumer secret
201 Invalid or expired request token
202 Invalid or expired access token
203 Apps has not been enabled by shop owner
204 Shop not found
205 Invalid consumer key
210 General OAuth error. Handles OAuth errors not specified above
211 Unauthorized OAuth client
311 Can't finish order. Too many quantity of one of the variant
321 Can't add item to cart. Too many quantity of one of the variant
403 Access denied
404 Resource not found
405 Resource already exist
411 Application not found
412 Invalid application signature
413 Application unauthorize
421 Shop subscription not paid
unknown Unknown API error. Handles all not specified errors