Getting Started

Shoplo is an ecommerce platform where you can easily create an online store. Shoplo API offers access to all necessary shop data which allows developers to build awesome applications and extend shops with new features. But before we start building apps you have to do some easy steps described below.

Become our Shoplo Partner

To start a new adventure with apps, you need to become a Shoplo Partner. To do this create for free a Shoplo Partner account here. After registration you will have access to Partner dashboard from where you can manage your apps, clients and Test Shops.

Create your Test Shop

With your Test Shops you can create data to test out the functionality of your app. In Test Shops you can do everything as in normal shop with one main difference. In Test Shops only the owner of the shop can make an order. Rest of the functionality remains the same.

Having a test shop you can move forward to the next step which is creating an app.

Creating new App

To create a new app you have to login to your Partners dashboard, select the "Apps" tab and then click "Add App".

After you create an app you will receive API keys, which enable you to connect with Shoplo API. Make sure that noone will know your API keys. With it, anyone can access and modify your shop.

Now having a Test Shop and an app you are ready to start exploring Shoplo API.

If you find any problems don't wait and write on [email protected].